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The Glorious Northeast
Obviously not as long as some of you. Had a car, truck, and motorcycle, so wasn't looking for a while. When the truck and motorcycle departed last year, I started looking at alternative transportation. Elio was the first that I wanted to put money on. Wasn't sold on fully electric, so Arcimoto never hit my radar until recently. But once I see what I want, I want it NOW!!
Ha!  I wanted it NOW back in 2010. Smile  With that said, I'm happy to have waited because the SRK has evolved into one design and engineering masterpiece, a totally new class of vehicle.  I share your enthusiasm for the SRK!
 Eager to get in the Pilot seat!
I wasn't going to, but I caved. Emailed Arcimoto... my reservation number is 1570, a whole 40 sooner than I estimated!! Expected delivery in Q1 2019. Guess I'll have a set of Blizzaks waiting!
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