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smartphone required to start/secure the production FUV?
watched the Jalopnik video (from @ the LA auto show) and noticed the handle bars has a provision for a smart phone holder,... and @ 4 min 11 sec

the video mentioned bluetooth was going to be used to start the vehicle

just wondering what about the case if an owner does not have or lost a smartphone (is it needed in order to start the FUV???),... FWIW in my own case I don't have an iPhone (or even a smart phone) because personally I'd rather have an old fashion claim shell flip phone,... having said that I do travel around w/ a "cellular" enabled an iPad mini (which has blue tooth)
I would be surprised if it didn't come with an alternative start method. Some videos show people punching on a pin code for example, and vehicles with Bluetooth unlocks usually come with a key fob of some sort.

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