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Hula Holdings
Welcome Peder.  Please keep us posted.  I wish both you and Arcimoto well!
 Eager to get in the Pilot seat!
Thank you Peder and welcome!

This looks fantastic. I look forward to following the project's progress and success, with more hubs to follow!
Required listening... House of Lords - Can't find my way home
This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
Disclaimer: No false statistics were supported, displayed or harmed in the making of this post.
(02-19-2018, 06:25 AM) Wrote: ...San Diego County is proud to be a national leader in the Solar PV and EV space, we have worked very hard in the last decade to accomplish that.  We're also proud to host three of the 10 national sites picked by the Federal DOT for autonomous vehicle testing.

It's a solid testament to the Arcimoto Team, that we are willing to venture forward into this space as a cornerstone of our San Diego area efforts. I join you as a huge fan of the vehicle architecture and company DNA.
I must admit at a hard gulp or two as the endeavor (the FUV's and the EV Oasis Hub) is not without risk, we look forward to a great future and being a center for all interested in the Arcimoto FUV, local Arcimoto drivers and those visiting the region.

Cheers for now. Wish us well.
Peder Norby


Huh, didn't know the SD area is host to 30% of DOT sites dedicated to autonomous vehicle testing, interesting,...

Now full disclosure,... I'm an individual "qualified" investor (i.e. I threw in a token amount of seed money before the Arcimoto Reg A+ IPO which was priced at $6.50) and FWIW I bought a few shares at the $6.50 price point as well,... in the hopes that my "small" investment eventually pays BIG dividends (and FYI I'm not thinking about monetary value)

FWIW I did so because I deem there exists perhaps an existential threat if business as usual continues on,... and I consider NOT "investing" is actually the greater risk!!

As I see things we as a species have unleashed various powerful "man-made" forces in both the environmental and financial realms which will have various knock on effects,... and if left unchecked the combination of factors will adversely affect civilization as we know it

Or said another way I think the scientific evidence is there to conclude that carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles with ICE engines, along w/ carbon dioxide from fossil fuel power plants is going to change the environment faster than mankind is able to comfortably adapt AND that we (as a species) need to use energy resources efficiently ASAP!!!

I've noticed there was another part of this forum that mentioned the current stock price is lower than the Reg A+ IPO,... going in I fully expected there was going to be a period where the market did not recognize the value of the product, but also knew the company needed some patient "investors" who could weather the storm and provide capital so that the dream could "hopefully" become a reality,... 

so that is why I literally bought into the Arcimoto three wheel platform "company concept" because I think its a way to mitigate the existing BAU knock on effects w/ in the environmental and financial realms (which IMHO isn't a pretty picture)
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I keep saying the FUV could change the world. I'm not exaggerating (though I may be a LITTLE biased due to it being my hometown and all).
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(Yesterday, 06:20 AM)Kepesk Wrote: I keep saying the FUV could change the world.  I'm not exaggerating (though I may be a LITTLE biased due to it being my hometown and all).

I sincerely hope it’s a job creator and economic boom for your hometown!
 Eager to get in the Pilot seat!
The FUV can change the world for the better. There are lots of other things that can change the world for the better, too. What scares and depresses me is that industry, government, the media, and individuals who get all their news from a single source, are all working to block whatever it takes to make a better world.

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